Become a member of FLANZ

Flexible Learning Association of New Zealand (FLANZ), is a national association committed to fostering growth, development, research and good practice in distance education, open learning, and flexible delivery systems for education.

Member Benefits

Access to a knowledge base

  • FLANZ members have access to a broad range of curated resources, articles and research pertaining to open, flexible and distance education.
  • Includes the regular FLANZ newsletter to members, postings on the FLANZ blog, and the FLANZ journal.
  • In addition, FLANZ has a number of affiliations with professional organisations in other countries, adding to the breadth of the knowledge base available to FLANZ members.

Access to expertise

  • Members of FLANZ represent many of New Zealand’s nationally and internationally recognised leaders in open, flexible and distance education.
  • As a FLANZ member you will become a part of the FLANZ community of practice, and be able to benefit from the experience and expertise of these members.


  • Through the work of its members and executive, FLANZ is recognised nationally for its work in open, flexible and distance learning.
  • Membership of FLANZ creates opportunities to become active in these areas, and benefit from the profile gained.


  • FLANZ is represented through its members on a number of working groups and is often invited to advise on government policy and other initiatives.
  • As a professional organisation, FLANZ is able to represent a wide variety of those working in the sector, and be active in promoting effective practice in open, flexible and distance learning.


  • FLANZ provides an ideal context for building collaboration among a diverse group of people working in the open, flexible and distance learning area.
  • As a strong promoter of networked education and the networked learner, FLANZ models collaborative approaches in all of its activity, including opportunities for collaborative projects between and among members.


$60.00 per Year.


Membership expires after 1 Year.


$30.00 per Year.


Membership expires after 1 Year.